Candidate Journey



*Please note that Step 3 is not offered at all prisons

For a detailed view of the application process please


Application status guide

As you progress through each stage of the application process, your status is updated. Please use the application status guide below to help you understand what each of your application statuses mean.

Standard application process:

Application process with familiarisation tour:

If you are applying to one of the prisons that offer a familiarisation tour, you will be contacted directly to arrange a tour date. The prisons offering this option are: Aylesbury, Bedford, Belmarsh, Bullingdon, Bristol, Brixton, Coldingley, Cookham Wood, Downview, Elmley, Erlestoke, Feltham, Grendon, High Down, Highpoint, Huntercombe, Isis, Lewes, Medway, Norwich, Pentonville, Rochester, Send, Styal, Swaleside, The Mount, Wakefield, Wandsworth, Whitemoor, Woodhill and Wormwood Scrubs.