80731 - MoJ Property Directorate - Regional Property Operations Manager Long Term High Security Estate

The national salary range is £54,358 - £61,585, London salary range is £58,847 - £66,670. Your salary will be dependent on your base location.
12 Months
East of England, London, South East, South West
London, March , Milton Keynes , Newport , Sheerness
HM Prison Belmarsh, SE28 0EB, HM PRISON ISLE OF WIGHT - ALBANY HOUSE NEWPORT, PO30 5RS, HM Prison Swaleside, ME12 4AX, HM Prison Whitemoor, PE15 0PR, HM Prison Woodhill, MK4 4DA
Grade 7
Grade 7
Full Time, Flexible Working
Estates, Facilities Management, Property, Health and Safety

A webinar will be held on Tuesday, 31st October 2023 at 15:30 to provide further information and answer queries about the role. Please come along and ask your questions. Register by clicking on the following link:  80731 MoJ Property Directorate – Regional Property Operations Manager Long Term High Security Estate.  

MoJ Property Directorate Role Profile

Position:  Regional Property Operations Manager


  • HMP WHitemoor - Longhill Rd, March PE15 0PR
  • HMP Woodhill - V2 Tattenhoe St, Milton Keynes MK4 4DA
  • HMP Belmarsh - Western Way, London SE28 0EB
  • HMP Swaleside - Brabazon Rd, Eastchurch, Isle of Sheppey ME12 4AX
  • HMP Parkhurst  & Albany   - Albany, 55 Parkhurst Rd, Newport PO30 5RS

Band:  Grade 7

Contract Type:  Permanent


The MoJ Property Directorate is a customer focused organisation that exists to enable our customers to perform to their very best.  We do this by providing high quality, easy to use services, and working environments that our customers want to work in, which support them to deliver their individual outputs efficiently.  Our job is to manage one of the most diverse and complex estates in Government – hosted by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ).  The MoJ Property Directorate brings together a property portfolio including Prisons, Probation, and MoJ HQ and Arm’s Length Bodies.  We also provide property services on behalf of the Home Office.

MoJ Property provides specialist services including facilities management, health and safety, fire safety and security, technical design expertise, and sustainability.  We also have business management teams who support the entire Directorate and each of our partners is supported by account management teams.  We are responsible for a great deal - our portfolio consists of properties valued at £8.5bn for the MoJ alone.  We are part of the Government Property Profession (GPP) and through active membership and engagement we will work with the Office of Government Property to develop the maturity of the profession and also encourage our people to join the GPP. We continue to build our capability through training and recruitment, aspiring to be the best that we can be as individuals and as a directorate.

We continue to deliver new ways of working across our portfolio – leading on the scale and pace of activity for central government – proposing ways to achieve, and then providing more dynamic and flexible workspace, while driving down the cost of the estate.


  • The Regional Property Operations Manager (RPOM) on behalf of the Head of Property Operations (HOPO) and the regions. 
  • Prison Group Director provides specialist expertise and advice to establishments and other key stakeholders. (In the absence of a central HMPPS Estates Management function estates and property responsibility is devolved to regions). 
  • The Regional Property Operations Manager works to the HOPO for the custodial TFM contract (the SM) and with Area Property Operations Managers (APOMs) in the region to oversee custodial TFM contractor performance and ensure delivery in line with the contract, including due governance and process, and with MoJ Property to ensure works and building projects are defined and delivered in line with stakeholder requirements. 
  • The RPOM provides assurance to HMPPS and MoJ Property that services are being delivered to agreed standards and oversees the resolution of any regional issues regarding the provision of goods and services. The RPOM will lead APOMs and work with other RPOMs to identify wider or ongoing issues that need to be resolved at contract level involving the HOPO. 
  • This is a Head of Group post reporting to the HOPO with a dotted line relationship to the regional Prison Group Director. 
  • This is a specialist role that has responsibility for regional policy, budgetary accountability, service delivery management, custodial TFM contract and line management responsibilities based within a Prison Service Region. 

Note: The custodial TFM contract includes legislative compliance associated with the maintenance of buildings, equipment and grounds, Health and Safety and Fire safety maintenance, small-scale works and building projects, management of stores, cleaning of non-prisoner areas, waste, energy and environmental management and escorts for contractors and their vehicles. 


  • The job holder will provide management leadership, vision and strategic direction for regional estates management and ensure effective contract management is delivered. 

The job holder is deemed the senior lead for the care and development of Public Sector Prison buildings and site infrastructure to maximise the asset value of all mechanical, electrical and building elements. This will include: 

  • Monitoring and assurance of statutory and mandatory compliance activities and overall management of the TFM contract for HMPPS in their region subject to the strategic contract management responsibility of the HOPO for the contract Lot. 
  • Delivery management for TFM services to ensure consistency at regional and contract level; to support Area Property Operations Managers where issues require to be escalated; and to support and advise the HOPO. 
  • Monitoring the performance measurement MI of the TFM contractor in their region and identifying, challenging and where necessary bringing any performance issues to the attention of the HOPO and the Contractor for rectification. 
  • Exercising delegated budgetary authority and manage spend or where budgets are delegated to governors, coordinate prioritisation of spend in their Region. 
  • Contributing to coordination and consistency of contract performance MI across the contract lot. 
  • Liaison with the Procurement Contract Manager for their Region for the effective commercial contract management of the contract. 
  • Seeking approval from HOPO for all spend above delegation. 
  • Line managing the Area Property Operations Managers in their region. 
  • Reporting to the HOPO as line manager and for overall prioritisation and contractual/performance matters. 
  • Accountable to the Prison Group Director as lead customer for estates and contract delivery management in the region.  Providing specific necessary information and advice. 
  • In liaison with Ministry of Justice Property Directorate (MoJ PD) and the Prison Group Director the job holder will represent the region’s custodial and non- custodial property needs regarding the MoJ PD’s wider Estates Transformation strategy. 
  • The job holder will work collaboratively alongside the Region’s Senior Management Team taking forward any initiative proactively to ensure effective delivery within the custodial setting. 
  • This role requires working unpredictable and unsocial hours and to be on call to provide advice or attend sites at any time.  
  • This is a non‐operational job with line management responsibilities. 

Job Description, Duties and Responsibilities 

The job holder will be required to carry out the following responsibilities, activities and duties: 

  • Accountable to SM for leading regional team including managing the transition to the new contract and operating model, identifying continuous improvement and delivering corporate requirements. 
  • Responsible for the custodial TFM contract supported by Area Property Operations Managers in the region (APOMs) and for overseeing contractor performance ensuring delivery in line with the contract, including due governance and process, and with MoJ PD for ensuring works and building projects are defined and delivered in line with stakeholder requirements. 
  • Responsible for assurance to HMPPS and MoJ PD that services are being delivered to agreed standards and for overseeing the resolution of any regional issues regarding the provision of services and providing leadership to the APOMs and working with other RPOMs to identify wider or ongoing issues that need to be resolved at contract level involving the HOPO. 

Accountable and responsible for the care and development of Prison Service buildings and site infrastructure to maximise the asset value of all mechanical, electrical and building elements).  This will include: 

  • Monitoring and assurance of statutory and mandatory compliance against the contract and delivery management for Works and FM services to ensure consistency at regional and contract level; 
  • Supporting the Area Property Operations Managers where issues require to be escalated; and  
  • Supporting the HOPO in exercising overall strategic control and contract management responsibility. 
  • Accountable to the Prison Group Director and MoJ PD to provide a regional overview on estates and property issues. The job holder will manage competing pressures whilst maximising asset value, physical security requirements and maintaining optimum operational requirements, including taking account of Health and Safety and Fire Safety advice and providing estates/maintenance guidance to H&S Advisor.  
  • Accountable for developing and co‐ordinating Regional and National initiatives such as the Capital Asset Investment Programme (CAIP) for the Estates related services in the custodial estate. 
  • Accountable for developing and co‐ordinating Regional strategies and policies to implement national organisational required outcomes. 

Manage the regional estates function and business unit which includes line management of a team with significant budgetary and statutory accountability.

  • Accountable for ensuring the contractor produces and delivers a fit for purpose Regional Maintenance Strategy for Public Sector Prisons, ensuring the maintenance and development of the HMPPS custodial estate within the region. 
  • Accountable for ensuring all associated risks of building work in a live custodial setting are effectively managed to ensure both HMPPS expectations are met in respect of mitigating operational risk and MoJ PD expectations of programming, project timescale is delivered. 
  • Accountable or ensuring that the maintenance work is well planned and delivered by contractors and is effectively managed to achieve the forward maintenance plan and estates management strategy. 
  • Work, where required, on complex and specialist issues with contractor and MoJ PD with support of Area Property Operations Managers and the HMPPS HOPO, ensuring implementation of any Estates related remedial actions and engaging with enforcing authorities where necessary to prevent re‐occurrences both locally, regionally and at contract level. 
  • Ensure visits are undertaken as required to the Region’s Public Sector Prisons establishments to assess contractor performance and compliance, addressing emerging issues and produce reports on specialist and technical subjects for and on behalf of the Prison Group Director for escalating to the HOPO and onward progression to HMPPS/ MoJ PD Directors if required. 
  • Validate regional performance data through appropriate checks; and analyse regional performance data and review contract KPIs.  
  • Responsible for collating and reviewing regional and APOM input and contributing on a quarterly basis to update report coordinated by SM for MoJ PD contract management oversight purposes, reflecting any material changes to the contract or performance, any remedial action/recovery plans that have been put in place and changes to the contract plan. 
  • Provide advice and support to establishments and the Prison Group Director to inform decision making about contract and estates related issues within overall strategy coordinated by the SM. 
  • For minor works within delegated authority ensure that all relevant specialist contract information is available for bidding purposes for contract. Act as 'managing agent' and supervise performance and payment agreements once contract awarded. Carry out Technical evaluations of tenders and enter competitive dialogue where appropriate. 
  • Scrutinise, consider and approve business cases, the specification provided by the contractor, and associated contract documentation to allow the procurement and delivery of specialist capital and maintenance services. 
  • Prioritise and approve all Estate Investment Proposals for onward progression to MoJ PD for major maintenance, essential maintenance, and development schemes. 
  • Accountable for supporting competition processes, providing all necessary information both to the MoJ PD Asset Management Unit and HMPPS project teams. 
  • Provide performance data as required by NCM and MoJ PD to supplement data gathered by Planet FM and CAIP. 
  • Accountable for the management, prioritisation and allocation of financial resources to deliver the Regional Strategies including sustainability and maintenance. 
  • Accountable for ensuring all HMPPS/MoJ PD Financial policies are complied with and that appropriate governance is in place.

Various ongoing Estates functions outside the TFM contract 

In coordination with other RPOMs (and the HOPO where appropriate) provide regional contribution/act as Point of Contact for topics including: 

  • Historic Estate (ePIMS, Quadrennial) 
  • Estates Planning, Perambulation Reports, Land Disposal 
  • MoJ PD Transformation strategy 
  • Responses to HQ policy initiatives
  • Working Groups (MoJ PD)
  • Major Project (Delivery, Management, Liaison, Escort Management)
  • Post Project Evaluation
  • Closure Programme 
  • Management Information Returns (Regular Returns, Waste, Cell Certificates, Physical Security) 
  • Compliance Audits 
  • CPIG/HSE Enforcement Actions, DDA 
  • Local Maintenance Bidding, Allocation Management, Capital Allocations Operational Support (Incidents)
  • Asset Replacement in line with strategies (e.g. Catering)
  • Investigations/Enquiries
  • Security Vetting 
  • Regional PFMe Oversight (Principal Users)
  • Recruitment/Boards 
  • HR Issues (Oracle/Industrial Relations) 
  • Contingency Planning
  • PQs and FOI requests  
  • Estates related data not defined within the TFM contract, for MoJ PD, HMPPS, and other agencies including Building Research Establishment, NAO and enforcement and supervisory bodies  

Develop regional contingency plans in conjunction with contractor, APOM and HOPO and be available to be part of the regional Prison Group Director’s command team in the event of an emergency/incident. 

Manage HMPPS properties where tenancy and lease agreements to and from third parties are in place. Ensure compliance with occupier liability procedures e.g. landlord/tenancy enforcement. 

Provide establishments with support in emergency situations/incidents and work with contractors to co‐ordinate resources to provide mutual aid to support of business continuity. 

Other management tasks including:  

  • Provide professional supervision, coaching and mentoring of staff to enable their self‐development and succession arrangements. 
  • Provide leadership and management of the Function. 
  • Will have the skills to apply all Human Resources (HR) related policies and practices. 
  • May be required to provide line management for the Regional H&S and Fire Safety Advisor and team. 
  • Manage devolved budgets in accordance with the financial procedures outlined in the budget delegation exercising delegated budgetary authority and managing spend or where budgets are delegated to governors, coordinate prioritisation of spend in their Region. 
  • Responsible for the management of all staff within their area.  This includes staff performance, development and annual appraisal through to sickness absence management. 
  • Ensure all HMPPS standards and KPIs are implemented and managed within the relevant work area. 
  • Ensure all national and local policies and procedures are implemented and compliant e.g. National Security Framework (NSF), Local Security Strategy (LSS), Finance Manual. 
  • Attend as directed any relevant boards/meetings and actively contribute, either as chair or team member. 
  • Provides leadership and direction to managers and staff within their defined work area through briefings, building informal and formal relationships and effective communication. 
  • Produce relevant reports as required and ensure all correspondence is replied to within agreed timescales. 
  • Liaise and form good relationships with internal and external stakeholders.  
  • Manage resources to deliver the activities within the defined work area and contribute to the mid‐to‐long term business planning process. 
  • Ensure the defined work area and associated activities comply with Health and Safety legislation. 
  • Provide assurance that all risk assessments are undertaken, and staff are made aware of their personal responsibility towards ensuring Health and Safety compliance.

The duties/responsibilities listed above describe the post as it is at present and is not intended to be exhaustive. The job holder is expected to accept reasonable alterations and additional tasks of a similar level that may be necessary. Significant adjustments may require re-examination under the Job Evaluation Scheme and shall be discussed in the first instance with the job holder.

Skills and Experience 

  • Essential to have strong commercial and financial awareness, drive and resilience, effective team management leadership and interpersonal skills and ability to work accurately under pressure.  
  • Essential to have relevant Project Management and contract management experience. 
  • Must have experience in managing a diverse geographically spread estate portfolio preferably with custodial characteristics.


  • Must have relevant technical or trade experience and qualification. 
  • Must have industry recognised qualification equivalent to the BTEC Advanced Diploma in Maintenance Management covering building technology, contract and measurement procedures, mechanical technology and electrical technology. 
  • Essential to hold National Examination Board Occupational Safety Health National Certificate in Construction Health and Safety. 
  • Must have completed the National Engineering and Construction Contracts Accredited Training and have or be able to rapidly acquire excellent understanding of the TFM contract, NEC3 provisions and the associated processes.
  • Should hold or be willing to work towards CIWFM, MRICS or CEng. If not already held, the successful candidate must be willing to commence a training programme, apprenticeship or application process within 6 months of starting the role.

Government Property Profession (GPP) Technical Skills 

The GPP Framework is aimed at staff working in property or property-related roles and consider property to be their career anchor profession. This usually encompasses posts where professional qualifications and experience are directly relevant to the work being undertaken. However, it is also applicable to those who are currently not qualified property practitioners but wish to make this their profession of choice. Those with a property background at any level are encouraged to register with the GPP, which exists to support property practitioners at all levels. Details of the GPP Career Framework can be found at:  https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/the-government-property-profession-career-framework--2

This role falls under Facilities Management Senior Practitioner and the following Technical Skills will be tested during the selection process:

  • Customer and Client Service – Expert
  • Property Professional Expertise – Expert


We will assess you against some or all of these behaviours during the selection process:

  • Changing and Improving 
  • Leadership
  • Communicating and Influencing 
  • Working Together
  • Developing Self and Others 
  • Managing a Quality Service 
  • Delivering at Pace

Flexible working hours 

MoJ Property offers flexible working subject to local agreement.

This post is advertised as Permanent & Full Time, part-time applicants will be considered     under job share arrangements. The unit is supportive of and encourages flexible working and compressed hours candidates will also be considered. 

Non-civil service candidates will start on the pay band minimum.

Working Arrangements & Further Information

The MoJ offers Hybrid Working arrangements where business need allows. This is an informal, non-contractual form of flexible working that blends working from your base location, different MoJ sites and / or from home (please be aware that this role can only be worked in the UK and not overseas). Some roles will not be suitable for Hybrid Working. Similarly, Hybrid Working will not suit everyone’s circumstances. Arrangements will be discussed and agreed with the successful candidate(s) and subject to regular review.

For nationally advertised roles, the successful candidate(s) will be appointed to a MoJ office location, which may include their nearest Justice Collaboration Centre or Justice Satellite Office. This will be discussed and agreed on the completion of pre-employment checks.

Some of MoJ’s terms and conditions of service are changing as part of Civil Service reform. The changes will apply to staff joining MoJ who are new to the Civil Service. Staff joining MoJ from other civil service employers will transfer onto the new MoJ terms if they are already on 'modernised' terms in their current post or onto 'unmodernised' MoJ terms if they are on 'unmodernised' terms at their current post. Details will be available if an offer is made.

MoJ candidates who are on a specialist grade, will be able to retain their grade on lateral transfer.

All candidates who are currently in receipt of Mark Time / Pay Protection should ensure they are familiar with the new policy on permanent and temporary promotion which can be found on the employee intranet.

Flexible working hours

The Ministry of Justice offers a flexible working system in many offices.


The MoJ offers a range of benefits:

Annual Leave

Annual leave is 25 days on appointment and will increase to 30 days after five years’ service.

There is also a scheme to allow qualifying staff to buy or sell up to three days leave each year. Additional paid time off for public holidays and 1 privilege day. Leave for part-time and job share posts will be calculated on a pro-rata basis.


The Civil Service offers a choice of pension schemes, giving you the flexibility to choose the pension that suits you best.


The Ministry of Justice is committed to staff development and offers an extensive range of training and development opportunities.


The opportunity to join employee-run networks that have been established to provide advice and support and to enable the views of employees from minority groups to be expressed direct to senior management. There are currently networks for employees of minority ethnic origin, employees with disabilities, employees with caring responsibilities, women employees, and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees.


  • A range of ‘Family Friendly’ policies such as opportunities to work reduced hours or job share.
  • Access to flexible benefits such as voluntary benefits, retail vouchers and discounts on a range of goods and services.
  • For moves to or from another employer or moves across the Civil Service this can have implications on your eligibility to carry on claiming childcare vouchers. You may however be eligible for alternative government childcare support schemes, including Tax Free Childcare. More information can be found on GOV.UK or Childcare Choices. You can determine your eligibility at https://www.childcarechoices.gov.uk/.
  • Paid paternity, adoption and maternity leave.
  • Free annual sight tests for employees who use computer screens.

Working for the Civil Service

The Civil Service Code sets out the standards of behaviour expected of civil servants.

We recruit by merit on the basis of fair and open competition, as outlined in the Civil Service Commission's recruitment principles. Should you feel that the recruitment process has breached the recruitment principles you are able to raise a formal complaint in the following order

The Civil Service embraces diversity and promotes equal opportunities. As a Disability Confident employer, MoJ are committed to providing everyone with the opportunity to demonstrate their skills, talent and abilities, by making adjustments throughout all elements of the recruitment process and in the workplace. MoJ are able to offer an interview to disabled candidates who meet the minimum selection criteria, except in a limited number of campaigns.

You will be able to request reasonable adjustments to the recruitment process within the application form. If you need additional help completing the application form, please contact the SSCL Recruitment Enquiries Team.

We encourage applications from people from all backgrounds and aim to have a workforce that represents the wider society that we serve. We pride ourselves on being an employer of choice. We champion diversity, inclusion and wellbeing and aim to create a workplace where everyone feels valued and a sense of belonging. To find out more about how we do this visit: https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/ministry-of-justice/about/equality-and-diversity.

Interview dates to be confirmed.
Interviews will be conducted remotely via Microsoft Teams

10/11/2023, 23:55 hours.

If you require any assistance please call 0345 241 5359 (Monday to Friday 8am - 6pm) or e mail Moj-recruitment-vetting-enquiries@gov.sscl.com

Please quote the job reference - 80731.

If you have any further questions regarding this post, please contact hiring manager Abi Everett: abi.everett4@justice.gov.uk

Counter-Terrorism Check (CTC)

To apply for roles in MOJ you will need to confirm your employment history for at least 3 years prior to the date of application so that pre-employment checks (BPSS) can be undertaken. If you have spent significant time abroad (a total of 6 months in the past 3 years) you would be required to give a reasonable account of the reasons why. 

For some roles you will be required to successfully complete National Security Vetting at Counter Terrorism (CTC), Security Clearance (SC) or Developed Vetting (DV) level as a condition of appointment. To meet CTC/SC/DV requirements you will normally need to have been resident in the UK for at least 3/5/10 years prior to the date of application (The level of checks that are required are stated in the advert).

If you do not meet the above requirements, you may still be considered if, for example:

  • You've been serving overseas with HM Forces or in some other official capacity as a representative of HM Government
  • You were studying abroad
  • You were living overseas with parents

In such cases you will need to be able to provide referee cover for the period(s) of residence overseas. The duration of overseas residence and the country of abode will also be taken into account.

Success Profiles will enable a fairer and more inclusive method of recruitment by enabling us to assess the range of experiences, abilities, strengths, behaviours and technical/professional skills required for different roles. This flexible approach to recruitment focuses more on finding the right candidate for the specific role. To find out more about Success Profiles to support your application please click here for further guidance.

if you feel that your application has not been treated in line with the Civil Service Recruitment Principles, please contact SSCL (Moj-recruitment-vetting-enquiries@gov.sscl.com) in the first instance

We have provided detail of the assessment stages and areas being assessed to help you prepare for completing your application form, and to advise of what will be assessed following this, if you successfully pass the application stage.

Application form stage assessments

Statement of Suitability - 1000 word limit

Interview stage assessments

There is 1 interview stage for this vacancy.
Changing and Improving
Communicating and Influencing
Working Together
Developing Self and Others
Managing a Quality Service
Delivering at Pace
Technical Skills
• Customer and Client Service – Expert
• Property Professional Expertise – Expert
Strengths may also be assessed at interview but these are not shared in advance.
Any candidate who has been assessed as being appointable to the role they applied for may be offered a similar, lower grade role, if one is available. Furthermore, any candidate who has just missed meeting the criteria for a particular role, may be appointed to a similar role at a lower grade if such a role is available, and if they have been assessed as meeting the criteria for the lower grade role. These appointments will also be made in merit order.

A Great Place to Work for Veterans

The "Making the Civil Service a Great Place to work for veterans" initiative includes a guaranteed interview scheme to those who meet the minimum criteria to provide eligible former members of the Armed Forces with opportunities to secure rewarding jobs. Allowing veterans to continue to serve their country, and to bring highly skilled individuals with a broad range of experience into the Civil Service in an environment, which recognises and values your previous service in the Armed Forces.
For further details about the initiative and eligibility requirements visit : https://www.gov.uk/government/news/making-the-civil-service-a-great-place-to-work-for-veterans

Redeployment Interview Scheme

Civil Service departments are expected to explore redeployment opportunities before making an individual redundant. The MoJ are committed, as part of the Redeployment Interview Scheme, to providing opportunities to those who are 'at risk of redundancy'.

MoJ are able to offer an interview to eligible candidates who meet the minimum selection criteria, except in a limited number of campaigns. Candidate's will not be eligible for the Redeployment Interview Scheme if they are applying on promotion.

This job is broadly open to the following groups:

· UK nationals

· nationals of the Republic of Ireland

· nationals of Commonwealth countries who have the right to work in the UK

· nationals of the EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein and family members of those nationalities with settled or pre-settled status under the European Union Settlement Scheme (EUSS) (opens in a new window) https://www.gov.uk/settled-status-eu-citizens-families

· nationals of the EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein and family members of those nationalities who have made a valid application for settled or pre-settled status under the European Union Settlement Scheme (EUSS)

· individuals with limited leave to remain or indefinite leave to remain who were eligible to apply for EUSS on or before 31 December 2020

· Turkish nationals, and certain family members of Turkish nationals, who have accrued the right to work in the Civil Service

Further information on nationality requirements (opens in a new window) https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/nationality-rules

This Vacancy is closed to applications.